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Newport Rescue was formed from the "H" crew
of the Giles Life Saving And Rescue Squad.
The H crew consisted of about 10 members and
covered calls in the Newport area and the eastern end of Graig county.In Nov. 1991 the members
decided to break off from Giles and form their own squad due to Newport becoming a Village.
In order to become a Village in the state of Virginia you must have your own Rescue Squad and Fire Dept.So Newport Rescue was born.The Newport Rescue Squad was formed in 1991 and has grown from 10 members to 33 members today. We have 1 Driver, 1 First Responder, 24 EMT’s, 2 Shock Trauma Techs, 3 Cardiac Techs, and 2 Paramedics. All Squad members are CPR qualified.

In 2000 the Crew responded to ? calls and put in over ? man hours . Since forming the Squad has received several grants allowing us to purchase much needed equipment to help serve the people of our community. Contributions from people we serve helped with these purchases. Among the equipment we have purchased was a new ambulance, heart monitor and extrication equipment.
The Squad serves a large area which extends from Maybrook to the Twin Churches in Craig County. This includes New River Park Area and Mountain Lake Area.
The Squad receives monies from the County of Giles , United Fund (Giles Craig and Roanoke Counties), Two for Life,fund raisers and contributions from citizens like you. Anyone wishing to make contributions may do so by sending them to Newport Volunteer Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 144, Newport, Va. 24128. Your contributions are tax deductible.
The Squad’s Board of Directors are as follows: Tim Bell, Marty Farrier, Buford Steele, Dave Hunt , W.W. Miles as well as the Squad Captain and President.

Newport Rescue Squad is all volunteer. We have 33 members on our team, and we are located in Giles County, Viginia.We do our best to save lives of people everyday.

Founding Members
Buford "Boots" Belcher
Norris Stiff
J.C. link
Ralph Stump
Romney Smith
Alan Pratt
Steve McCall
Prannie Gryl

Officers For 2007 thru 20008

Line Officers

Captain- Buford Belcher

1st LT Personnal--Eugene Robinson 

1st LT Training--Romney Smith

2nd Lt Equipment--Jeff Caldwell

Supply SGT-- Sammy Nance

Executive Officers

President -- Martin Keffer

VP/Sect. --

Treasurer -- Norris Stiff

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